Monday, 19 January 2015

The much anticipated site visit

It was difficult to contain the excitement today due to the much anticipated site visit. And it was certainly not a disappointment!

Site Visit on PhotoPeach

The first couple of photos show the outside of the admin/library block and the first two learning habitats which are joined by a short hallway. The final photo shows the roof going on Stage Two which will open later in the year - this is a block with three learning communities.

The indoor photos show the admin block first - of which still needs a lot more work. The photos of (just) one of the learning habitats really doesn't do it justice. It was so hard to capture the network of spaces within the habitat. There are two areas with tiered seating - one larger and facing a TV screen, the other facing a small stage. There is a wet area with a full kitchen and art bay. There is one quite large open space that will be able to be broken up with furniture if desired and then a smaller area, identified as a 'formal teaching space' which is broken off from the rest of the room by a wall with a window. There is a small break out room and another reasonably large media room which will be sound proofed. You can identify this space by its green screen wall - great for those filming projects!

The habitat is so well designed and leads itself to many functions and uses - I'm so looking forward to being in there!


  1. I loved watching everyone enter the learning habitat for the first time and seeing their faces! I was also interested that everyone congregated on the tiered seating in the performance space in the centre of the habitat. It might be worthwhile to making time to observe how the children and staff use the spaces intuitively over the next few weeks/ months.

  2. Looking fabulous - what amazing spaces, won't it be exciting to see those spaces filled with teachers and students as the hum of learning on day 1 oozes throughout the building and grounds outside! I look forward to hearing about how you will be utilising these spaces in the near future.