Monday, 19 January 2015


It was mentioned by one of the team members the other day that it was really important that even though we were working together in one space, it would be really important that we don't lose our own identity. 

It seems silly to make this so explicit, but it really is important when considering what people naturally do when put in a space together - that is, tip toe around how others might react to situations. 

We have been selected to work together as a complimentary team to deliver an outstanding programme to our students. We each have our own 'true colours': strengths and qualities. It is so important the children get a 'piece' of that. 

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I'm looking forward to developing a better understanding of myself, the team and the wider staff when working with Julia Atkin. Watch this space....

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  1. I totally agree losing your identity in any working environment is detrimental to the soul of a person and especially the delivering educator. Working in a collaborative situation such as you are describing would require conscious consideration. Will be watching this space with enthusiasm!