Sunday, 10 May 2015

Solitude is important

This is a must watch TED talk. I don't feel like I want to say much about this, as I think Susan Cain sums it all up pretty well. I do want to acknowledge that I identify with the idea that creativity comes from solitude and we mustn't forget about this power. I like the notion that there is nothing wrong with bringing wisdom back to the community, and then collaborate.  

One of the most powerful questions to come out of this, for me, at this moment, is, 'Why are we making children feel guilty about their desire to work alone?' 

I feel this is one of those presentations I will watch over and over again. 

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  1. This has to be one Ted Talk that really had me thinking also- in terms of adults and children's needs as Introverts in our school setting, and how we ask a lot of some individuals on a daily basis. Solitude spaces such as the library at break time/lunchtime are all important and this gave weighting to that!