Sunday, 15 May 2016

Current-Desired Reality Check-in

Refining my goals:
(Changes I have made)

Was: Seek Feedback - constructive 70%/ positive 30%
Now: Seek transformative feedback (not just information) that requires action to grow leadership.
How? Ask specific questions, engage in professional conversations.


Was: Honest conversations regarding priorities and balancing responsibilities
Now: Prioritise and balance responsibilities.
How? Book in social time and exercise, cull to-do lists weekly, ask myself if my contributions are 'token' or if I can commit fully.


Was: Make time for professional reading 
Now: Activate my professional reading
How? Write about it, record my synthesis, record my what now, and talk about it.


  1. Alice, you reframing of the feedback goal will assist greatly as simply asking for feedback from whomever generally won't give you something that will cause growth. So as you've said in your 'how', asking specific questions will give you the sort of feedback you're seeking. All the best.

  2. Really like the way you have presented your thought process. I particularly like the use of the word 'activate' my professional reading - its something I can relate to and its a real challenge to bring your readings alive. Our next step is to provide/create opportunities to allow you to activate your reading. Again, I can relate to your goal of seeking feedback and we must find opportunities to collect and share feedback too.