Tuesday, 12 January 2016

Revisiting Nigel Latta's School Report

I love the freedom that the holidays brings when it comes to late night TV. It's a shame that this programme was on so late (even though it has been on before). Nigel Latta's has some excellent points and it was refreshing to watch again - I only hope many parents across the country also did. 

If you only have time to watch a bit - watch it from the 30 min point. 


  • Decile does not equal quality
  • National standards do not equal progress
  • Expect kids to achieve more and they do
  • Teachers do not have to know everything - it is more freeing for students to know that

And backing up my last post about finding The Element:
  • 'Soft subjects' are hard, and require thinking
  • 'Soft subjects' are critical - what would we do if we didn't have panel beaters and trades? 
  • It's ok to be a kinesthetic learner.
  • Vocational learning is valuable learning
  • Keeping kids in school for an extra year or more will improve life chances by a tremendous amount - keep them there and keep them engaged!
  • Giving hierarchy to certain subjects (maths, english, science) means we won't get our entrepreneurs and services 
  • "There are lot's of way of being excellent."
  • The NZ curriculum is a powerful document because it talks about more than just content.

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